If you dunno about the Greek Goddess then here is a wiki page for you: Persephone

Ever since I first heard of her story I remember being angry or sad about the whole thing. This poor girl is kidnapped, tricked into eating some food, then after she is finally rescued she is forced to go back to her kidnapper once a year! Of coarse when I was older and was retold this story I was more informed about rape culture and how it’s been around forever and it made me even more upset. She is the forever victim and he gets what he wants once a year. It’s all so dumb.

Sometimes I prefer to think that Hades didn’t kidnap her and that he wasn’t a complete jerk like he’s always made out to be. That she was curious and kinda stumbled into the underworld like Alice stumbles into wonderland. Then she finds a pomegranate and decided to have a snack. She runs into Hades while he’s working and he’s charming and talks to her for a bit. Time would pass differently in this place and while her mom is freaking out and letting winter happen, Zeus sends his bro a message telling him to return Persephone. Feeling dumb for thinking someone would actually come visit him, he escorts her outta the underworld. So now Hades is sad and Persephone is back with her mom. Zeus now wants to cheer up his little brother and told Persephone that she’ll need to visit Hades once a year for a few months cause she ate food while she was in the underworld. She figures it would be cool to get away from her mom for a few months a year and goes willingly to hang out with Hades. They fall in love and get married and the end! It makes me less angry this way. Enjoy.