Oh my gosh does math and science go way over my head. I love sci-fi and can count, ya know? But real science and math are so big and so old and sooo sooo soooo much! I just can’t. My brain doesn’t want to wrap around any of it. I like it cause it’s cool sounding? But I can’t lie. Don’t understand much of it. That being said, I was playing one of her talks while I was working on today’s strip. You can view it here! Jill Pipher on YouTube. Hehe, she also talks about pie in it! Pretty cool stuff.

I dunno, if I had more patient and creative math teachers maybe I would have liked math more. It was always very difficult for me and I was upset that people would say “It’s ok. You’re an artist so you don’t need to worry about the complicated math.” Eventually I gave into that line of thinking and stopped caring all together. Which is dumb but that rant is for another day.

You can read more about Jill on Wiki! And I’d like to thank Amanda for posting a bunch of ladies on her website where I found out about Jill. I’ll probably use Amanda’s site some more during the month of March cause this strip came out really nice and it didn’t stress me out as much as some of the previous strips where I had to research all alone. Enjoy!