I remember buying the print because the sphinx girl was tan like me. Also, Tamara was so nice and helpful. I’ve been following her online for years now. She was also one of the many women that inspired me to have a booth at an artist alley. I would always be so excited to see her at conventions. One year I was super lucky and got to have my table set up next to hers! Then she introduced me to Miss Kika. I remember it was an exciting weekend. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to sit next to these talented women. Anymahoot, she recently finished a kickstarter campaign for Animation Dock project she is doing with her husband. She is also dealing with settling an art theft situation. Someone used one of her fanart piece without permission or crediting her. It’s been a stressful situation to follow along but I’m rooting for her! It’s a shame artist need to fight and make a big deal out of these things. Still, if anything I hope she knows she isn’t alone and that hopefully everything gets settled soon.

Anytime I do a strip about a friend or someone I admire I start to think “I admire so many people! March doesn’t have enough days!” then I remind myself that I can admire people all year around and it doesn’t only need to be done in one month. That being said, do check out Tamara Gray Smith! Cowkitty.net / Tammy on Twos/ Atomic Ginger