I dunno, when I get up in the morning I don’t think, “LET ME RUN TO THE RESTROOM!!!” I just kinda chill out in bed until I feel like moving. Then when I’m finally getting up, I hear my roomies stir and just sprint to the restroom. It’s not like they’re waiting by their doors and thinking “Savi is moving! Quick, who can get to the restroom first!” It just feels that way and it makes me grouchy. So instead of going back to bed and pouting I made my comic for today. I realized I miss dated the strip from yesterday! I’ll need to fix it at some point.

I know that candy is candy and it is great all year around but I really like Easter candy. Chocolates, jelly beans, egg shaped candies (i love eggs), and bunny theme candies/things all over! The flowers and the rain and the coldness of winter melting away before it becomes deliciously hot in the summer. Spring is the best. Sorry to all my friends and readers that have allergies! I’ll make sure to enjoy spring to the fullest for you.