I’ve started a Patreon page but I’m still working on it so it isn’t live. The thing is I’d like to make a video and I’d like to make it cool so people will want to donate to unlazy every month. What I’m really thinking about is what could I offer as incentives? Maybe a wallpaper each month? Maybe send out artist trading cards with Ace or Nena on them? What would people like? How many people actually read unlazy? What do they like about it or what do they think would make it more interesting? So many questions. The goal is to be able to live off my artwork. We’ll see how I can pull it off. The campaign will go up around mid-March or April. I’ll also need to revamp unlazy.com so it looks fancy and might change some things around. Keep your eyes peeled and feel free to leave me any comments or if you have any ideas/answers to my questions! Thank you!!

[EDIT: So yesterday wasn’t 02/29/2014. Opps! It was actually March 1st! I guess I just really want it to be a leap year every year. Hahaha]