It’s not all about money Savi! Goodness. Anyways, this month the theme of my comics will be women in history! So if there is a woman in history you think I should do a strip about just leave me a comment! I’ll do my best to look up information on her and make a cute 3 panel comic. Or if you have someone in your family that has an awesome story that can be told in three panels, send it my way! Just cause it’s history doesn’t mean it needs to be ancient. I know a few of my comics will be about some of the women in my family and some of the women I’ve meet while being alive n stuff.

I also want to do comics about women in history that aren’t very well known so any help will be appreciated! I’ll make sure to credit you in the comments section of the post so make sure you leave a website or blog so I can let people know I was inspired by you!