I’m sure she was smiling in the photo. At home we have tons and tons of photos. In albums and boxes. My parents love taking photos. I guess that’s where I get my love of posing for photos and taking photos from. Thanks you guys! Anyways, I’ve seen a lot of these family photos but every now and then one pops up that I’ve never seen. Like this one. It’s great. Lookit that late 80’s early 90’s goodness! OMG, yellow overalls! My sister was wearing a matching set. My brother looks so happy! Since the photo is blurry I can’t tell if my sister is unhappily trying to smile while glaring at me or actually smiling. It’s so good. This makes me happy. Had to share.

So as you can see growing up we’d occasionally ride bikes. As the years went on I dropped that habit. I fail at riding bikes as an adult. It’s strenuous work and hills are the death of me. I bought a bike a year or so ago with the help of Branson and I’m SO SO HAPPY that I didn’t keep that thing. Mostly, because riding bikes is hard and I’d much rather take public transportation or a car. It was heavy and the seat was too high. The gears were kinda crummy and there was no space in my room for it. Hopefully it is in a better place now. Only good thing about that bike was the plush cushy seat and the basket at the front to hold things.

Ya’ll don’t know but I was kind of a jerk kid. I’d bully my siblings and really didn’t like to share. Hopefully they don’t resent me for those years but I can totally picture myself poking fun at my sister because she didn’t have her own bike. While in actuality, I was probably jealous that I wasn’t the one sitting on my dad’s bike. That’s how those things go. After time, and many spankings later, I learned to be nicer to my siblings. I still suck a sharing my belongings but I’m a lot better than I was. I miss my family so much. Can’t wait till the holidays.