Spring is my favorite season and while summer will always have a special part in my heart, every year in New York has given me a new appreciation for fall. Actually seeing the changes in season and noticing the crispness of the wind. How things are slowing preparing for winter.

Aside from that it dawned on me that after this month there are 3 months left in the year! I don’t remember making a resolution this year bit I do remember hoping I’d better off than I was at the beginning of the year. While things look like they are getting better for me, things are also getting a bit more risky. Finally getting another job has been exciting but also scary considering it is a lot less hours than I have now. Also rent went up and I’m not producing as much artwork as I had anticipated.

On the positive side, I’m have a place to sleep, food on occasion, roommates that are amazing friends, family & friends that love me, Ace to keep me company, and a sweet new boyfriend that has been able to prevent me from having panic attacks multiple times. I’ll just keep hoping things will turn out alright while I keep trying my best.