At my previous job it was strictly forbidden to have any contact or communication with your students outside of class. I’m not a teacher or have teaching certification. I’m an after school visual arts instructor that can also teach music and sports. I will not follow back or reply to DMs that my students send. Those are boundaries I will not cross.

That being said, I’m always very careful about the content I post online. As an artist I’m doing my best to put my best face out there. Keeping unlazy family friendly, or as my students and I say in class “Keep it PG!”, is very important to me. There are also some topics I hope to write about that may be a little more grown up in nature but as something to help spring board families into talking about important matters.

Anyways, you three club skippers! I see you! At least tell one of your classmates why you’re not coming in that day. I don’t have kids of my own but I worry when my chicks aren’t all accounted for.