I know that in most Japanese homes they have a second set of slippers for when you’re in the bathroom. Since I can’t got to Japan at the moment, going to exhibits like this are very exciting for me. Its like I get to see a little bit of the things you can find in Japan. Haha, it’s strange to be excited about bathrooms though. I wish the bathroom in my apartment was cuter. When I have my own place I know I’d like to have a cute bathroom.

Anymahoot, the day started late because I went to bed super late! I’ll be getting ready for the event soon and hope that I was able to get enough rest. My eyes looks a little puffy but maybe makeup will help? Oh Ace, you’re so lucky. Some days I wish Ace and I could switch places. I’d get to eat and play and sleep and bark all day. Hahaha. Enjoy!