Knowledge is power! Also, the library was very nice a cozy so I might spend more time there reading and possibly drawing things. We’ll see. I’ve been wanting to read Persepolis for a while so I’m glad I was finally able to get my hands on it.

I got to work late today. My boss wasn’t very happy with me. She’s also making me accountable for something I had no control over which is upsetting. I’d try and fight about it but in the end I know someone needs to take the fall. So I’ll just take it. No point wasting energy over something that won’t matter to me in a few day/weeks/months, ya know? Sigh.

Ace! My buddy! I want to bring him with me everywhere. My little 6 year old doggie is the best and always makes me smile. I love him. He likes coming to the pet store with me. Or when I pull out his carrier he gets excited because it means adventures around town with me!