So the next two weeks there are events and stuff I’ve been invited too. At all events I’ll only know a hand full or less of people and the rest of the time I’ll be mingling. Maybe its the cosmos telling me I need to reach out and be more friendly. Quick, someone send me a “how to socialize at party & events” tutorial…I’ve completely forgotten and feel like the only way I can start a conversation is “Hi! Welcome to the store. Can I help you with something?” or “I’m sorry, I hafto go somewhere. Talk to you later!” durp a durp, I’m not that bad. Maybe its more about going out of my comfort zone. Once I’m out there, I’m usually alright.

Also, in this comic I’m on a train & reading a newspaper. I’m rarely on a train on my days off and I can’t remember the last time I read a paper. This comic is full of lies!!! I actually read my horoscope on my phone while laying in bed. I draw myself in bed too many times so I figured I’d try something new. scribbly backgrounds of me doing things in places I’m usually not found. Unless…my student loans are magically paid off and I can use my money to travel! Then I’d be able to draw myself in places I’ve actually been! Yeah! That would be awesome! 😀 So, who wants to help me out? Eh? Ok, maybe you don’t hafto pay off the whole student loan but you can commission me and it’ll help pay for a portion of it. Yup, just click on the commission tab above my comic for more info! Thanks 😀