So far this year has been full of ups and downs. When I sit and think about it I need to remind myself not to only think of the downs. Ups! I sold a buncha greeting cards this month! I played pokemone & animal crossing all winter for equal amounts of time. Ace is a happy dog and a trooper when it comes to walking in the snow. I have teal/turquoise/greenish hair. I’ve worn makeup just because and put on clothes that fit nice more times this year than I did the last few months of last year. I have great friends & family! Oh yeah, got to play GW2 at least once a week. Watched a movie and got popcorn. Made a new friend! Got to reconnect with other friends! And lastly, I get to make breakfast after I post this. OMG OMELETTE!!! You’re going to be soooo gooooddddd!!!!