I miss Villa Madonna sometimes. It was where I went to school from Pre-k to 8th grade. I liked having a uniform. Loved going to the library. Actually, it is where I learned how to ninja walk up the stairs. Sister Theodora made our class walk up and down the stairs until we got it quietly. “You’re not a pack of elephants.” is what stuck in my mind. Anyways, I was always on time. Never late during those years.

I kinda miss Blake High? The friends were cool and classes were ok and I got to play sports and piano. I started slipping in the time management at this point in my life. Heh, my dad would get grouchy when I’d take too long to walk to the car after school. Too much traffic and he had to get out of work. I guess I wasn’t very considerate of his time. Sorry papi. Well, that was until I started staying after school for sports! He was happy about that.

Aw jeez, I really miss SCAD. Honestly, an amazing time. School was great, friends were great, teachers were great. I had a car! I miss my car now. I was consistently late though. Whether it was because I have horrible sense of direction and would get lost OR I didn’t keep track of time and left late. It’s been a horrible thing to deal with.

I’m still living the adulthood part. I’m mostly on time. It’s an on going battle. Between subways delays, mixing up addresses, and losing things I somehow manage. I’ll get it though! I’m stubborn and will make it happen. Just gotta stick to a routine. A tight schedule. I can do it. Especially if time were to cut me some slack.