I can’t remember when or what I was wearing but I do remember thinking it was so cool. Visiting Luisa in her warehouse was something that made me want to become a successful artist. Liking however I’d like and still giving back to the community. I know I’d ask my dad about her when I was in high school but they’d lost contact since then. Anytime I’d drive by that part of town I’d think of the tour of her warehouse and wondered what it looked like, how she was doing, and if she finally finished with the renovations. It was definitely something I’d think about through out college. Having a warehouse that I could transform into a studio, performance space, and home. Things change and it seems very unlikely that I’d get my own apartment let alone a wareshouse anytime soon. But that’s what hard work and dreams are for, right?

Today is a sad day for many cause David Bowie died. I’m sorry for lack of words on the topic. He left a lot of music and things for people to remember him by. I’m sure it’ll be comforting in the coming days. Hope for the best.