Today I’m thankful for my family. Even though they are in another state we still think of each other and care for one another. I usually talk to my mom on the phone when I’m walking home from work.

The weather is kind of bummy today. I woke up feeling alright and then I offended someone on accident. Sometimes you’ll say something thinking it is funny but it isn’t really funny to other people. Just gotta keep goin I guess. Then I found out something sad is going on back home so now I get to fret about that. Le sigh. At least drawing this comic made me feel a little better. Once I eat something and comb Ace’s hair I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better. Everything will be alright, ya know?

Once I get home from work I get to make a cheesecake for thanksgiving tomorrow! So gotta cheer up for that. It isn’t good to bake while you’re mopey. It’ll make the food taste weird.