If you ever wondered, I really do make these strips daily. Sometimes I’m able to sit down and write a few before hand but for the most part I make then right when I wake up. If you look to the left of this comment box you’ll see a donation button! If you’ve been a fan of unlazy for a while or would like to show some support, please donate. I’m grateful for any amount. I really am living paycheck to paycheck and work on unlazy for practice and fun.

I’m still available for custom unlazy greeting cards until this Saturday, December 7th. For more information please refer to this post [Custom Unlazy Greetings].

I’m also open for all other commissions. Follow this link for commission info [Unlazy Commissions].

I will be doing a request stream on Thursday from 6pm to 10pm. I will post more information tomorrow. Please stop by and commission me!

I also have some unlazy holiday greeting cards available. For more information on that please visit my Facebook Page to order!

I also have some unlazy t-shirts available for $8.00! Plus $5.00 shipping anywhere in the USA.

Right now the internet is full of “Buy Buy Buy!” & “SALE!! SAVE!! SHINY!!” and the true meaning of the holidays is pushed to the side. While I know there are many wonderful groups & artist asking for donations, I think it would be awesome if people were to buy and donate to lesser known groups and people. Like me. Tomorrow’s comic will be less of a commercial, I promise. Thank you!