I get ideas for comics and when I sit down I suddenly think “No, it will take too long.” or “It won’t look the way I imagine it.” “I’m not good enough.” “What will people say/think/feel if I do this?” I let those ideas keep me back from doing a lot of things. Then there other things I’m concerned about. I guess I let all those thoughts sit in my head while I was working out today. It felt really heavy. Like an extra weight on my heart and body. What I love about kickboxing is that they push me but not over work me. They’ve watched me learn and grow these last few months and it shows in the way they encourage me. I know I can do it. Push through some of the harder exercises. Not give up. I’m so sore tonight already but I’m glad I gave it my all today. I want to be this way with all aspects in my life. So wordy today. Let’s be unlazy.