Happy Friday everyone! It is my day off so I thought I would take this time to tell you about my commission drive.

For $25 you can get a custom design/drawing for your holiday greeting cards!
As you can see from the samples posted you can have up to 8 people on the card.
You can also choose if you want the artwork to be digital or traditional.
You will receive a 300dpi digital copy of the card so you can get it printed before the holiday rush.
Also, you can pick from a more cartoon like look or more realistic.

I prefer payment through paypal but you can also call me up and pay with credit card over the phone.
I start the commission as soon as the payment has been processed.
After payment is authorized I can start on your order and have it completed with in 3 days or less.

I will be taking orders until December 7th. By then you would be cutting it REALLY close and most printers might not be able to get the cards to you in time.
I use Catprint for my greeting cards so once you get your card design you can stop by their page and order your copies for your card!

If you’re interested please send me an email or comment on my Facebook page!