Don’t judge me! I know a handful of you do the same thing. Anytime I need to do laundry I’m reminded of the convenience of having a washer and dryer back home. Not having to drag your mounds of dirty clothes through the streets. Not needing quarters or having to sit around until the clothes are done. Making sure people don’t take your clothes out of the machines because you’re not doing it fast enough. Doing laundry is one of my least favorite things to do here in NYC. One day I’ll have my own space. With a yard, parking garage for my car, a studio, and a washer & dryer. Until then I’ll keep putting off laundry as long as I can, then vow to do my laundry more regularly while I sit there waiting for everything to be washed and dried.

“Why do you even have uncomfy/fancy panties?” I don’t know anymore. Not like I’m showing them off to anyone. Just because? I was told by someone close to me to get rid of the undies with holes. Haha, which I’m so grateful for now! Still, I really do need to buy some more comfy and cute panties for myself. So I can put off laundry day even longer.