When people tell me that their dogs have died it makes me sad and reminds me that Ace’s time with me is also finite. Days like today I fawn over him as soon as I get back inside. Play fetch, have him do some tricks for treats, brush his teeth, comb his hair, and cuddle him before I get to work. When I start working on my comic he curls up behind my chair or on rare occasions demands to lay on my lap even if it isn’t the most spacious place.

I always worry that I’m not giving him enough attention or that I’m not doing things right. Then he looks at me and wags his tail or paws at my to pick him up and all that goes away. He’s a spoiled brat that misbehaves around other dogs and occasionally pees in the house. He’s also the one that hangs out with me on my days off, curls up with me when I’m sleeping, and sits in my arms on days when I cry over ended/strained relationships, not enough money, or missing home. So many times I talk to him, yes I talk to my dog, and even if he doesn’t understand me I feel better.

Dur hur hur, sorry for all the feelings! NekoCon is this weekend and I’ve taken tomorrow off to finish preparing before my trip. I won’t have any new prints for this show BUT I will have some new original pieces. Now to get ready for work.