So I got a call this morning and my friend was very sad about something very serious. I immediately thought “This would make an AWESOME comic about life lessons and how to deal with this sort of problem!” But as I drew this I started thinking, “unlazy really isn’t an advice column and this issue is a bit personal.” SO I MADE IT POKEMON FLAVOR. I beat the elite four and got to the head honcho and she is a big ole cheat!!! She has like a million hyper potions. It really got my goat. So now, I hafto leave the place to grab some hyper potions or wait…OMG I CAN TEACH ONE OF MY POKEMON TO USE EMBARGO!!! and then she can’t use items…I’m so smart.

Anymahoot, while the word balloons are about pokemon battles the blocks are about real life. Now to get ready for work.

Halloween is coming! Nekocon is coming! and then the week after that I’ll be doing my 24 hour comic! So much excite up in here!