You would think I’m almost done with the game but I still need to get the 8th gym badge then fight the elite folks. Also gotta collect more pokemon. I feel bad that I used up a whole day playing a game but I’m allowed! I did take Ace out on walks and took a break to have dinner with my roommates. It’s my day off so I can spend it how ever I like. As long as it doesn’t bleed into work or keep me from drawing for too long. Hahaha, I guess the only person I’m trying to convince is myself.

Now that I posted a daily I can start the next item on my to do list. Shower, walk Ace again, and then draw things. Maybe a test run livestream? Since I’ll be doing 24 hour comic on Nov.8th I should make sure my account still works and stuff. Maybe write a story or something. I need some new jeans. Some one give me money for new jeans. Better yet, someone come hang out with me while I do things. I’m lonely (read: need supervision).