I didn’t really sleep very well. Had a weird dream and when I woke up today I had a lot of thoughts on my mind. These were some of them.

Question #1: How so I light a box that has to slots in it?
Question #2: Why didn’t I write the address on the envelope?
Question #3: Will Ace be ok on his own for more than 8 hours?

Answer to #1: MAGIC!!!
Answer to #2: You’re special.
Answer to #3: Just call and ask someone to help walk Ace or leave out the wee wee mats and hope for the best.

None of these are the end of the world but they were bugging me this morning. Now to walk Ace and eat breakfast. Working for a small business there is no such thing as calling in sick. Mainly because no one will be able to cover your shift. So even though I’m not feeling 100% today I need to go in. Just gotta do my best! I can do it! I’m Savi, hear me roar! *coughcoughcough* oh dear…