It’s kind of like performance anxiety. I remember in high school when I would be in a piano recital I’d get really nervous. I could feel my whole body trembling and I was so worried about messing up. They would always turn out fine and my friends and family said they couldn’t tell I was so worked up on stage. Once it was all over I’d feel so relieved. Then I’d start preparing for the next show with my classmates. Haha, so once I’m put out there I get along just fine. Its just the nerves before that can get pretty intense. I know when I would be playing soccer or swimming in meets I wouldn’t get as worked up.

“But you live in such a crowded place. How can you deal with it if being around a lot of people bothers you so much?” I have no idea! Once I figure it out I’ll let you know. It is a bit weird that I worry about some of the things I worry about. Being in crowds or performing weren’t such big deals when I was younger. I can’t remember any traumatic event that made me feel and act this way. Oh well, at least I’m aware of it and keep working on worrying less. Probably just need to exercise my self confidence or something.