Oh man, pretty drafty & cold in here. It was so nice this weekend in Virginia for NekoCon! Let me tell you all about it! There are so many links in this post. Do visit each one! 🙂

My table was right in front as you walk into the artist alley. I was able to meet and greet so many people and even gave out all of my business cards! Since I don’t make much fan art I didn’t make a lot of sales that way BUT I did sell quite a bit of commissions! You can see how they turned out here and here. I also got to be the first one to see all the cosplayers as they walked into the alley. I kept forgetting to take pictures but the few I did take are also on my tumblr. Since I was at my table a large portion of the time I did not get to visit the dealer room or look at all the wonderfully talented people in the artist alley. Hopefully next year I can bring a table assistant so I can move around a bit more. Having a full table at this con is totally worth it! It felt so great having strangers come up and ask me about my work and look through my portfolio. I was very happy working on all the commissions I got. I got a lot of ideas for table displays and hope to make my ideas happen for the next convention.

I had such a great time at NekoCon. It was very relaxing and fun. My car pool buddies, Roaming Student & Dark Angel, were very entertaining. I only dozed off for a few minutes the last hour of the trip back to NYC. It was great sitting next to Skullcat Studio & Lavie. They are both so talented and nice! I also entered the NekoART Challenge and won a set of pastel Deleter markers & paper! I was happy to see Amanda, Cari, Eldonis, and Godai also tabling in the alley. Thank you Drowtales for being so friendly and doing an art trade with me! I’m also grateful to Dizzy for inviting me to apply for the artist alley. It was the most stress free convention I’ve been to in a long time and hope to go again. Last but not least THANK YOU to all the new readers that found unlazy at Nekocon this year. I hope you enjoy my comics and get inspired to Be Unlazy!

Sadly I missed my chance to get a table for Ohayocon next year but I hope to be at Anthrocon, Metrocon, and Nekocon. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on which cons I’ll be at. Thank you for stopping by!