TA-DAAAAA! Look at this! I’m not rushing anything today! Yay! Haha, now that I have that out of the way. I have some updates for this month!

24 hour comic day is Saturday, October 5th this year. I will be starting my 24 hour comic at noon on Thursday, October 3rd and ending at noon Friday, October 4th. The reason I decided to start & end it early is because there are other events I might want to attend and people I want to hang out with on the 5th. Plus I work on the 6th and would like to have a full nights rest before work. That being said, I’ll post a link to my livestream when I start working on my 24 hour comic.

I will not be buying a new computer this weekend. The plan was to hop on down to Best Buy and pick one out but I think it would be best to wait for one more paycheck so I can afford a computer I’ll be really happy with. Even if it means I need to wait for it to ship in the mail instead of having it the same day I buy it.

New York Comic Con starts on Thursday October 10th for Professionals. I’ll be there with my roommates and looking forward to meeting up with my friends I haven’t seen in a while! I will not be going on Sunday October 13th because I need to go to work. Still, I’ll be around all weekend so look forward to pictures from the event.

The two weeks after that will be crunch time as I prepare for Nekocon this year! I will have an artist alley table and look forward to visiting this convention for the first time!

With all the events and conventions coming up this month I feel like I’m being flung into fall. The last days of summer were very gloomy and while I’m still feeling the loss, I’m looking forward to what comes next. No time to sit around and think of what if’s or why me’s. Let’s be unlazy!