My room is a mess. I just want to throw out so much! Also, laundry must get done at some point. No tones or highlights today because I’m running behind. This morning while cooking I got sucked into watching Netflix. Again. At least I got some things done.

Tomorrow I have an orientation for my new job! I’m very excited. I already had some training on Thursday about the curriculum and what sort of themes I’ll be required to work with. It’s very exciting. One of the themes is Gratitude and Grit. While they’re both very important, I feel that Grit really stuck with me. Unlazy is an example of that and it made me think about how I keep dropping the ball. I’m only human and it is ok to fail or stumble on occasion. Still, you need to learn from it and get back to it. Keep working on it. If it’s hard, good. That means you’re learning something.

Anyways, off to work. One of the last days I’ll be closing up shop!