Starting next week I will no longer be closing the shop on week nights. My shifts have been cut to once a week until I’m settled in my new job. Even then, if I manage to get some steady freelance there is a slim chance I won’t need to work behind the register ever again. While it is an exciting thought it is also a bit scary. Less hours means less money for bills. How am I going to do this? Am I ready for this change of life style? I’m currently excited about being able to work with kids and show them how to make comics. At the same time I’m scared about everything else.

I’m sure it’ll work out and I’m happy I’m moving into another direction in life. I’m grateful for all the years I worked at the shop and the people I’ve met. I have faith God will continue to walk at my side and help me through the rough times like always. It’s still scary though. Here’s hoping things will look better than my fears.