Ace is a sweetie. I try my best to make sure he is happy and feels loved. He is a little quarky and his aggressive behavior towards other dogs is a big concern of mine. I still love the little guy.

Yesterday when I went to Starbucks to use the BOA atm machine close to my house, Divi sat outside with Ace to wait for me. He whined a little then started barking like crazy when another dog comes by. I walk out of the bank and he calms down a little but won’t stop barking. So I pick him up and start walking back home. The man with the dog runs over to us and tells us he is a dog trainer and that the way I’m handling Ace’s problem is only making it worse. He points to his dog that is sitting calmly about 6 feet away next to the bagel shop. So I took his business card and went home.

Interested in his services I sent him an email letting him know that I’m unable to afford classes now but as soon as I am able I’ll give him a call.

He replies to my email saying “maybe if you bought less frappucinos and saved up money you’d be able to pay for these lessons that would really help your dog.” I just met this guy. Really?

He wrote more things in that email that I won’t write here but it really struck a cord. If I wasn’t interested I wouldn’t have emailed him in the first place. Saying that Ace isn’t a priority in my life is rude and uncalled for. With a business card that states “Training humans to train their dogs & Natural healing solutions” you would assume this dog loving yogi person wouldn’t waste his time spreading negative energy.

I have a lot of priorities right now. Rent, paying loans, utilities, cellphone, internet, human food, dog food, etc. Sorry if I can’t spare money on a class where the guy will be talking down to me like a moron. Also it is time for Ace’s annual rabies shot and DHPP vaccination and I really don’t know where or how I’ll afford it right now.

So even though I have a lot on my plate, Ace is always on my mind. Training is very important and this situation only reminded me of an on going problem. So while I won’t be calling that guy back and I’m upset about how things went, I’m grateful for the experience and hope to find a solution for this aggressive behavior problem.

Thank you for reading all this. I don’t usually like to post things like this but it was bothering me so I thought I would share. It is my own fault for letting his words bother me, still it would have been better off if he hadn’t replied to my email in such a manner.

Mom’s always said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” That applies to life no matter what age, ya know? Ciao!