Hola! Like this comic says, it’s been a while and a lot has changed. When thinking about Unlazy I would wonder what it would look like if I started posting daily comics again. With my current work schedule and maneuvering life in NYC I came to the conclusion that I’m not in a position to make a comic daily. Even if I were to make a backlog of strips for the days I’m unable to make one, it would still take more energy than I have at the moment.

So just like most things in life, I’ll start slowly. One step at a time. By posting once a week I’ll be able to rebuild trust and consistency. Then I’ll add another day and repeat the process. Until I’m posting daily again. If you just found me, check out the years of comics I have in the archives! Some are funny and some are sad. A few are dull while others leave you hanging. I hope you enjoy reading my Unlazy comics.

Thank you to those of you who have been following me from the beginning of Unlazy! Back in 2006 I didn’t even think I’d be posting or wanting to post all the way in 2022. While the things I’ll write about may be different from the young woman I was before, the core values and feeling are the same.

My goal with this comic and my artwork is to encourage and inspire others. So when someone sees my work they will feel or think “Wow, that’s amazing! I can do it, let me try! I can make and/or be great too!”

Be Unlazy!