Sorry it’s so late. I woke up with a lot of hope and motivation but it managed to fizzle out before I was able to work on this. Something happened at work and I’m very concerned about it. I know I didn’t do anything wrong but when fingers are being pointed at you and there is no one you can turn to for back up it’s very disheartening. On top of that the usual stresses. It’s a bit much and it’s very hard to have faith during these times.

If God watches over birds and flowers, what makes me think he wouldn’t watch over humans? Something like that was said in the bible. So many times we think we have things under control but in reality we don’t have control. We just need to sit back and have faith that we’ll be taken care of. It’s hard because you also need to work for the things you want. Sigh. Anyways, I drew this to try and cheer myself up. Self motivate. It’ll be ok.