I don’t know all the details about the shop and if it will be opening again anytime soon but as of now, I’m not working. My school job ends this week and I’ll be unemployed until the new school year. That being said I am currently unable to pay rent this month. The paycheck I was expecting this week will not be available to me and I’m opening emergency commissions. If you’re able to help out please send me an email or a comment to this strip.

On the plus side I get to go to the gallery opening today! I also get to see my friends and get hugs. I love those ladies. After I get to see the UFC pay per view fight with Chris and his friends later this evening. Tomorrow I’ll go pray with a friend around 1pm. Then I’ll be scouring the internet for jobs, posting my emergency commission information, and pimping my online stores & Patreon. Thanks for reading!