It’s a page from my sketchbook today. Really have been going through a lot lately. I feel like my hearts been put in a blender then back into my chest. Also feel very broke. AND feel kinda sad/mad/confused/tired. Still, the show must go on! Life is short and everything will be ok even if it feels like dragging yourself through broken glass. Durp durp durp…I’m fine though! Thanks to my friends and family and therapist and Ace, I seem to be getting by. Have been exercising, eating healthy, praying/chanting, and drawing. Good stuff.

Anyways! I originally started unlazy on paper using pencil or pen or whatever I had on hand. It was quick and fun and easy. I love digital but have been doing more traditional lately. Hope you enjoy today’s update. Getting back on the horse is always the hard part. Then staying on is the hard part. Then continuing to ride…..So yeah I’m just doing my best. Best is different everyday. Thanks for stopping by! I love you guys.

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Thanks again!