This schedule still feels ambitious. I know the pressure I put on myself is high because of how I started unlazy. For years I would post something daily. Then there were times I would drop the ball. Every time I pick it up again, it feels exciting and hopeful. Then there are the feelings of self doubt, guilt, worry, and failure. The constant “I wasn’t good enough” and “I keep falling, what’s the point?”

So like the last times, I’m back! Unlike the last times, I hope to keep things going more regular. Who knows what unlazy will look like after a while. Thanks for reading my comic and showing your support.

Finally, Thanks to Doo for hosting unlazy for so many years. Without them, this little comic would be homeless. It was originally posted on Live Journal but so many of those old strips went missing. Doo really saved me when they offered to house unlazy. Thank you, thank you!

While unlazy isn’t big, flashy, or lucrative, it is cute, honest, hopeful, and kind. The main goal is to inspire others to be unlazy. The spirit behind every strip has been and will always be, “If I can do this, so can you! Let’s move forward together.” You might not want to draw a comic every day, but I’m sure there is something you would like to do every day. Just gotta find the drive and energy to do it.

See you tomorrow!