Unlazy Workshop – Thumbnails and Storyboarding

So if you missed it, I was doing a watercolor a day on Instagram for most of July. This month, I’ll be posting more often on Patreon. Don’t worry, I’ll be getting back on the daily comics soon. Thank you so much for checking and following my work. It really means a lot to me.

Now, this workshop is the first one I’m offering that I’m actually charging for. The main reason is to pay for the space where I’ll be hosting the workshop. So there will be no money going into my pocket. As I continue to offer workshops the price will differ depending on where I’m hosting. If it is free for me to use a space, then most likely the workshop will be free. If the space is free but I am providing supplies, then there will be a fee to cover that. I want to be very transparent when it comes to money flow and Unlazy Workshops. Ideally, I’ll hit a sweet spot where I can ask for a fee, pay for location & supplies, and a little profit. For now, my main goal is building an audience and demand for my workshops. If you are hosting a convention, festival, panel, or event and would like me to offer a workshop, please email me! I got my foot in this pool thanks to Women in Comics and The Leadership Program. Now that I know I can offer engaging and informative workshops I’m more than happy to do so.