When I got there I was worried I didn’t fit in or wouldn’t know a lot of the music. Very much to my surprise everyone was super friendly and I knew a whole lot of the songs people sang! I guess I never realized how much rock I grew up listening too unintentionally. I wasn’t dressed very rock-n-roll, more like Sunday school chic, but I sure got a lotta compliments on my hair. Oh! And Shannon Conley, lead singer of Lez Zeppelin was the guest host! She was so awesome!

Lela was a ball of energy and I’m 100% sure the reason so many people were dancing was because of that. You just couldn’t help following her lead and jumping around. She was a pro! Not even a single drop of any of her drink spilled from what I could tell. That takes control. I didn’t think they would call me up since the list was pretty long but when they did, I kinda dragged Lela up with me. If you haven’t read my previous comics I get anxious when I’m in front of a crowd, especially on a stage. After the first few verses I was ok and thanks to Lela I got through the whole song even if I messed up a few times.

When I got home I drank some water and had a little snack and got to bed. Usually after events like this I get to sleep really quickly and stay asleep until the afternoon. Guess my dreams were pretty stressful cause I got up after an hour or two of sleep and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I lit a candle, tried to meditate & pray, but nothing was getting me sleepy so here I am making my daily. When you can’t sleep, make art!