Not all stories make sense. With this I close the Bunny & Bear story.

Thanks for following this story! If you noticed I tried to stay away from gender pronouns while telling it. Why? Cause I felt like it. Sure if you know me or have followed this comic for years you know that I usually draw bunnies to represent me. And it’s safe to assume Bear was the person that hurt my feelings. Still, if someone didn’t know those things I kinda wanted to leave the story up to their own interpretation. Also, instead of romantic feelings I wanted to keep it platonic so it could also be a story about two friends.

I’m sure my feelings woulda been spared if I woulda left the relationship platonic. It’s not like they didn’t want it to be more than just friends too! Still, it was nice getting swept away for a moment. Nothing like a little romance, ya know? Sigh. One day it won’t be followed up with heartache. The End!