My hair is a curly wavy blue mop. It makes me happy. The kids complimented me on how intense the blue was and the style I had it in. I said thanks and wondered if I should tell them “I just washed it and let it air dry.” Later in the day I put my sunglasses on as a headband and used clips to keep the rest of the hair from falling in my face. This got me a few more compliments on my trip home so I’m debating never stressing over styling my hair ever again. HA! I won today.

Also read Island a few times on the subway between naps. Published by Image. I really like it. The story Railbirds by Kelly Sue DeConnick was great and gave me some things to think about. The first comic, I.D. by Emma Rios, was action packed and filled with emotion. I felt a little anxious and tense while reading it but that’s not bad. More like anticipation? My favorite part was seeing the characters from Multiple Warheads by Brandon Graham. Moontoone is in the last panel of today’s strip. Dagger Proof Mummy was fun and reminded me of something a friend of mine would enjoy. “Maybe I should get in contact with them” I thought for a moment. Anymahoot, if you have some money and want to read Island for yourself, I really recommend it. Looking forward to the next issue. Maybe this counts as an unlazy review. Peace!