June Unlazy Commission Drive!

With Anthrocon right around the corner I’m in some serious financial need. Bills to pay, food, new business cards, Ace medication, and transportation fees and more.

If you’d like a commission please send me an email or a comment! I only accept paypal. ALL commissions taken will be completed within 2 days of payment being received. This ensures I get paid & that you get your commission in a timely fashion! It also means I can only take a handful of commissions at a time.

The 4×6 chibi commission is full color. Your choice of digital or traditional.

The unlazy comic strip will be digital and in the three colors that unlazy strips are made in: Mustard, Chick Yellow, and Brown. It will be emailed to you as well as posted on www.unlazy.com! Your name will be listed and you’ll have credit for the comic idea as well. If you have a website or blog I can also link to it in the comment section so people can know where to find you online.

The Ace button is very cute and hand made by me. There are 2 designs. One with a party hat and another without a party hat.

I will be posting about this commission drive daily until June 29th. Keep your eyes open for commission samples and please signal boost if you can. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!