Did you know that sunscreen can be harmful to the ocean? I know this. I also know that a lot of other house hold products are also to blame. So when I try to find alternative solutions it is hard to find or expensive. You can read a bit more about it by checking out this link: Skincare Chemicals and Marine Life or by looking up in the internet.

That being said, some days you need to handle what you can. Today I can make sure I have my own utensils and straw when I go out and about. I can have a water bottle instead of buying plastic ones. I can do my best to make the best choices for myself, the community, and environment. It isn’t perfect and can be slow going. Some things are really just about money and time. If you have a lot of money then I think it is possible to change a lot faster that people with less money. These are my opinions. I’m sure there are low income people living with the smallest carbon foot print and the biggest sustainable life style. I’m just figuring it out myself.

Today I have a to do list! It has been a while since I’ve written one down. These days I’ve been keeping mental notes or a general “To Do for the Week/Month!” type list where there isn’t a real urgency to get things finished. Determined to make the most of all the sunlight today. Keep up beat and unlazy!