There are a lot of things I could write about. Equality, being a first generation American, the difficulties of living in NYC, the perks of living in NYC, the crippling stress caused by outrageous private student loans, the struggle of finding a job in today’s work environment, religion, or trying to be healthier. I just want to draw Ace and hanging out with Ace.

June is almost here and the book I planned to have fell through. It’s ok though, I’ll figure something else out. July is Anthrocon and I’m number 15 on the waiting list for the dealer tables. Maybe I’ll be able to get an artist alley table? We’ll see. I need to pay bills, take Ace to the vet, and save money for moving. I have a storenvy, Patreon, and society6 page. I’m sure I have an etsy too. Will be updating all those soon so keep an eye out and a few bucks to the side for me. Thanks. xD