It’s the end of April! Such a busy month. My birthday, a wedding, spring break, and so much more! The weather is being crazy, I’m working out and improving my health, and over all happy. Just working on figuring out how to make more money and what I want to do. Drawing more is definitely on the top of that last. On a more somber note, it’s been 6 months since Chris died. He was such a positive influence in my life. I still can’t believe he’s gone. Some days are still hard when I realize I won’t get to see him again for a while. Then I think about how he’d want me to remember him and what he’d want for me. So I keep going with that in mind and I keep working for my happiness. He’ll always be with me and every time I smile it can be for the both of us. I’m feeling pretty wonderful right now. Hope to spread it to the people closest to me. Hugs & kisses!!!