Even if I wake up at 7:30am I usually stay in bed and wait till I hear that I’m the only one home. So while I’m waiting until 9:30 AM for my roommate to go to work I end up falling back asleep and getting up at 10am. Then it is race the clock to walk Ace, food times, comic, get ready for work, and catch a train. I keep falling into the habit of waking up late since I go to bed late. Even though I went to bed late last night I set my Sailormoon Alarm clock. This thing is terrifying. Like a banshee from across the universe. My fear of it is so great that I set an alarm 5 minutes before it goes off thinking, “If you sleep through or ignore the first alarm, this second alarm you put on the other side of your room will definitely get you out of bed. And you know what? It did. Now to find different places to put it each night so I don’t get accustomed to it in one location. It feels kind of like a game. A horrible game with heart stopping consequences.

Oh yes, the events I have planned this weekend are the pop-up Cat Cafe (on Saturday at 10:00 AM) and the Sakura Matsuri (on Sunday at 10:00 AM). I will be wearing my kitty bowler hat to both events because it it new an cute.