I guess they didn’t want to call it “Super Sad Killing of an Innocent Man Friday.” It’s one of those things that I didn’t really like. Without it, there is no Easter so for the greater good, we’re going to sacrifice this person who was trying to make a change during his time. He even went to the mount to pray before and asked God a few times, “Look, if there is anyway I can get outta this, I’d really appreciate it. Still, whatever you say goes. But yeah, I’d like not having to die. If it’s possible.” Then he finds his bros sleeping instead of standing guard. I guess their Thursday night dinner was too much to handle. One of his buddies comes over and betrays him with a kiss on the check. It’s all down hill from there. Nothing good about it at all.

^^^^ that description is why I’m not a religious speaker. Lols! The bible abridged by Savi. Anymahoot, if you didn’t know I was raised Roman Catholic. I went to a Catholic Private school for 10 years and at one point wanted to become a Salesian Sister! I also ALWAYS sat in the back of the class room because they would set the desks up in alphabetical order. Since my last name starts with a Z it meant I was always at the end.

Ever since I was young, on Good Friday my parents would make sure that from 3pm to 6pm there was no radio, tv, phone, or internet. We’d sit together in silence or just read. It was a time of reflection and mourning for Jesus. Once I was in college I’d still do it but not for 3 hours. Maybe an hourish? And in private. Just lock myself in my room. I wouldn’t even go to church. But man did I feel guilty later. So since I know I’ll have guilt filled dreams if I don’t do anything today, I’ll be going to the mass.