Today’s comic brought to you by Sustainable NYC & Priti NYC!

Haha, not really. It would be nice if I got a free polish…hint hint. xD

Anyways, the main reason I’m pimping this event out is because the colors are my favorite! I love Spring and you get to have it painted on your nails for free if you buy any Priti NYC product! Their soy based polish remover is AMAZING. I love this line.

Also, my line of greeting cards came out today! The first 6 designs are now in stock. The rest of them will be in before/by May. They are printed at a sustainable printing company located in NY so it’s eco & local! All the cards were designed and colored with eco friendly water color pencils and ink. I’m very happy about this first set of cards and hope you all like them as well.

I’ll post a picture of them once I get in to work. I haven’t gotten to see them yet. So excited!