Earlier this morning I posted a tweet saying I would put up my comic later in the day because I wanted to take it easy this morning instead of rushing before heading off to work. But as soon as I sat on the computer to check my email I opened Photoshop and just started my comic anyways. It felt great! I like having a good habit happen automatically. hahaha. Sorry Ace! I’ll give you extra cuddles when I get home from work since I’m done with today’s comic.

Olivia Lane everybody!!! She’s a talented lady with so much energy. Her peppy vegan life style is something I admire. While I tried for a short time, my love of dairy and meat is too strong. Still, she doesn’t hold that against me or anyone! Her tips for organizing and cleaning your space in a healthy and earth friendly manner are always helpful. If you’re into this sorta thing or just want to see what I’m going on about stop by her blog or check out the video I based the first panel on! Olivia Lane Health Coach | Sock Monkey on Your Back