Today’s woman is ME!!! Haha, I realize that setting rules to my unlazy strip aren’t really my thing. I like writing about what I want when I want. On that note, I also like walking my dog without being harassed. I also live right next to a campus and hospital so there are security guards and police always around. I make sure to only walk in well lit places and don’t use my phone at night when I’m with Ace so I can focus on my surroundings. All those things into consideration I feel relatively safe in my neighborhood and don’t mind walking Ace at 10 or 11pm when I get home from work.

Still, on odd nights I get cat calls from random people. I know I’m cute and I’ve noticed people have been checking me out a lot lately. Maybe it’s the hair? Maybe they can tell I’m single? Or maybe I’m giving off a happy and self confident vibe? Whatever the reason, it has been happening a lot lately. Other than the things I’ve mentioned I’m no different than I was a few months ago. I haven’t lost weight or bought new clothes. I don’t even brush my hair on some days. I’m not even on the prowl! So content with myself right now and not stressing over romantic relationships. If it happens fine but I’m not about that atm. Haha, ramble aside. This happened last night and I was so confused I just had to share it with you all. This isn’t the first time someone has told me “You’re beautiful. God Bless you!” or something along those lines. While I appreciate the compliment it really freaked me out. Should I not have said “God Bless you” back to him? That would have been rude, right? I dunno. God Bless you guys!

Also, pepper spray keychain is one of the best gifts I was ever given and I never walk Ace at night without it. Thankfully I’ve never had to spray someone but at least I know I can protect myself to some extent if I needed too.