So many things to do. Visit museums, parks, stores, parties, and events. Still, while there is a lot of things to do there is also a lot of struggle. I don’t know what the people in shows & movies do but living in NYC is no joke. The rent is ridiculous. It feels like the price of food keeps going up as well. The hunt for jobs is very difficult and some days it feels like everyone else is getting lucky breaks & dream jobs while I’m still getting doors shut in my face. The solution? Work harder, redo the portfolio, try again. But it isn’t like I’m not trying or not looking. The longer I’m not working in my field the further away it feels to me. All the programs I used in school are different in the field now. Everyone wants someone with years of experience. Whine whine whine. Anyways, it’s not all fun and games. Some days I wake up and look out my window and miss seeing other houses & trees. I miss having a car and living in a place that isn’t as exciting. Having a washer and dryer that you don’t need to pay quarters to use. A yard. A job that that pays the bills and doesn’t suck the life out of your life. I guess today is one of those days I don’t like the city.