It’s my comic and I do what I want too! Just cause it is woman month or whatever doesn’t mean I need to write about old dead ladies or women that are popular or what not. I live with two wonderful women and I was reminded about that by Del. Thanks lady!

Anymahoot Daviann, also known as Divi or Lovewin, is super talented and also works on comics when she has time. She also left the sunny place of Florida to help me out when I was moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. If it weren’t for her love and support these 3 years I don’t know where I’d be. I’m constantly amazed by her art work and want to let the whole world how awesome she is! She graduated from college to be a teacher. She was a teacher for a few years and loves being in the classroom with kids. When she came to NYC the school system was a butt and gave her all these hurdles to jump through. After a year of trying to do everything they asked they finally told her she needed a Master’s Degree in order to teach here. When in Florida, a Bachelor’s Degree was fine. Not taking well to the rejection she made sure to lose herself in art and job hunting. She also went to a few conventions and has set up her on online store where you can buy her work! She submits her work into contest and anthologies all the time and is always sketching or writing. Her dream come true would be to have a teaching job she enjoys as well as continue creating fun art pieces, traveling, and living in a cute home with some cats. She also really likes video games and cooking! She is the best when it comes to cooking. She’s grown so much since living in NYC and is generally happy when not worrying about something. She kinda worries a lot but it’s part of her charm. Some days you just gotta hug her till she laughs/cries then go get something nice to eat. Or maybe that’s me. That is the woman I wrote about today!

Here is her tumblr!